The opposite of hot media.

Cool media do not provide very rich, detailed data.[1] As a result, the audience needs to "participate" more, in the sense of filling in the gaps in data. For example, a photograph is a hot medium because it is a very detailed representation of a scene, and the viewer does not need to imagine much. But a cartoon is a cool medium because, being hand-drawn, it is not very detailed, and the viewer has to think (consciously or subconsciously) about what it represents.[2]

Francis Bacon suggested that passive consumers want hot packages of complete information, but cool pursuers of knowledge prefer aphorisms because they require participation.[3]

Even though both mechanical and electric media can be either hot or cool, there is a sense in which electric media are generally cool.[4] They tend toward involvement in the same way cool media do.


Examples can be found under Types of Medium.


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